Best Wishes From Melrika!

Best Wishes 2016 Melrika Blog Happy Holidays

Hi all!

The Melrika team, Melissa and Marika, is wishing you happy holidays!! We wish you a lot of warmth, good health, and success in the coming year; and we hope that 2017 will be a SMASHING year for all of you!

Whether you celebrate or not, we think it’s important to take a moment for ourselves, to think back on the year that’s almost behind us, and simply enjoy what’s happened (and maybe anticipate what is to come)! The holidays are the perfect time to treat ourselves, our family, and our friends, as well as being thankful for what we have. In other words: spread the love!

Boy… the year has passed so fast and we still remember the day we set our 2016 resolution lists! Looking back on this year, the team is very thankful for the progress that the blog made  Without our visitors, readers, family and friends’ support, we wouldn’t be here today, and you are the ones who always keep us going, so thank you for that. We saw a lot of advancement on the blog; every day we learn little by little and are not afraid to try new things to make it work. We can only hope that the new year will be ever better for our blog (and us)!

Let’s toast together to the coming year: may 2017 be a fun year that brings you new challenges to help you grow, as well as bringing you a few steps closer to making your dreams come true! Oh, and we hope you get all the beauty products you’re dreaming of 😉

We promise to keep you updated on anything beauty in 2017 and will continue to come up with interesting content for you all! Happy holidays!! ❤
-xox- Melissa & Marika


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