Obsessed With: The Face Shop!

the face shop rice water bright cleansing oil acacia honey gel touch nails

Korean beauty is for real: offering advanced beauty products to their market for a very long time, we are finally starting to have some Korean beauty products on the Canadian market. The Face Shop is one great example: affordable beauty products that work, in overly cute packaging!

For my birthday (back in May!), a good friend of mine offered me what I call the “Face Shop beginner’s kit”: 6 amazing makeup and skincare items that are part of my friend’s favourites. I was very eager to discover these products, and I share my thoughts with you!

the face shop 2017 haul

Real Nature Face Mask in “Aloe” and “Honey”. The aloe mask soothes and hydrates sensitive skin, while the honey mask leaves skin moisturized and radiant. After removing the tissue mask from my face, my skin felt plumped, super hydrated, and was smooth for days! There is some liquid left at the bottom of the packaging, so you can add it on your face once you’ve removed the mask, for that extra effect.

the face shop sheet masks

Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil. For normal to combination skin, this oil cleanses and brightens skin. I haven’t used the product long enough to notice the brightening effect, but rice water has proven to effectively do that. This cleansing oil smells very nice; it’s a delicate, flowery smell and it leaves your skin smelling and feeling fresh (NOT dehydrated, thank goodness!). I use 1-2 pumps to wash my face and the product quickly become a little foamy, but with an oily texture. Weird, but super fun!

Daily Perfumed Hand Cream in “Acacia Honey”. This hand cream is too cute and smells really nice (I say that a lot, but it’s true!): it’s flowery and sweet, but not too strong. The formula is great: not too liquid and not too thick; it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Perfect for your handbag or your desk at work!

the face shop rice water acacia honey cream gel touch nails

Gel Touch Nails in “PP401”. Ok, can we talk about how PERFECT this shade of purple is?? It is just gorgeous and I just wanna wear it all.the.time! The nail polish is very pigmented, with a large brush to facilitate the application. The finish is glossy (gel-like finish) and my pedicure stayed perfect for a couple weeks. Also, the price is really great, so it’s perfect for anyone who likes to own many colours of nail polish.

Freshian Volumizing Mascara, Curling mascara. The wand looks a little scary (or maybe that’s just me) but it does MAGIC. The mascara does what its name says: it gives you tons of volume by separating your lashes, as the wand acts like a little brush for your lashes. I have never had my lashes this well separated in a looong time and I have tried many mascaras! Also, you know how dry, hard and almost crusty your lashes get when you apply mascara? Well it doesn’t do that with this one; instead, lashes remain a little sticky, almost like rubber, for a more comfortable look (it sounds gross, but those who’ve tried the mascara will understand). This is a perfect mascara for everyday!

Pastel Cushion Blusher in “Coral Cushion”. How adorable is this blush and cushion?? It is so cute that I almost feel bad using it… The peachy shade will suit most people, and it leaves a nice subtle shimmer. I’m not sure about applying the blush with the cushion, but that can be useful for when we’re on the go.

the face shop coral cushion blush

Do you have any favourite products from The Face Shop?
-xox- Marika


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