Sephora Color Switch by Vera Mona review: Instantly clean your brush without any liquid products!

sephora vera mona color switch makeup brush cleaner

Hello fellow readers,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Sorry for being MIA for a good month and a half. My life pattern changed, started a few personal projects and then it was the holidays. Everything cramped up in one month, so I was hella buseh.

Being a girl who doesn’t own a lot of makeup brushes and is lazy to always wash them, I always wanted to get a dry shampoo for my brushes. As I start to experiment a bit more with colours in the spectrum, it was time for me to get something fast, handy and serve my lazy ass.

During the month of December, I came across FromHeadtoToe’s Sephora VIB Haul video, and that is when I first got introduced to the Color Switch by Vera Mona under Sephora’s line. I’m starting to hear a lot about Vera Mona, such as their palette, their Cake and Bake Sponge, and other neat makeup technologies that you might find super useful!

Here are my thoughts on the Sephora Color Switch by Vera Mona, and why I think you should really get one:

The concept

The product is a little bigger than a palm sized, rough, plastic material, black sponge in a tin packaging. The concept of the color switch allows you to do a full makeup look with just a few brushes. Even if you use a dark eyeshadow for your smokey eye look, and want to go back to a very light colour for your lid, you simply (I kid you not) need to run your brush on the Color Switch a few times, and your brush is good as new. You don’t need to worry about your makeup becoming muddy or mixing.

The price

For the concept, its convenient, the color switcher is a really great value. It’s retailed for 18.00$ CAD, exclusive on Sephora.

Easy maintenance & reusable!

You can clean your brushes for several looks on one side of the sponge. When that side is dirty, you can flip the sponge and start using the new side. When both sides are dirty, you simply need to wash it with soap and let air dry. At the end, you can put it back in the tin can and the cycle starts all over again. Of course, you will have to wash your brush once in a while. The color switcher doesn’t disinfect your brushes!

sephora vera mona color switch makeup brush cleaner

sephora vera mona color switch makeup brush cleaner


It’s convenient

Of course, after presenting the concept, this product is super convenient. If you are a person who travels a lot or you like to do you makeup somewhere else than at home, you can carry fewer brushes to do you makeup. Also, the tin can is the right size to carry in your bags and big enough for any face or shadow brushes. Additionally, I think it’s more eco-friendly since you use less water and products.sephora color switch vera mona brush cleaner


There are only positive things to say about the color switcher. I think it’s a wonderful technology, where you don’t need to use any chemical dry shampoo or buy loads of brushes because you don’t have time to wash them. Without exaggeration, this might be one of the most useful and best product I ever purchased from Sephora. Seriously. I’m so proud of myself.

Let me know what you think about this product after reading this post. This is seriously my first time seeing a “dry” cleaning sponge that lets you reuse your brush instantly. It’s almost unbelievable. How can one simple sponge can do such a thing? Who would have known?

-Melissa ‘ox


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