#SupportLocalBusinesses: Nuphar, Organic Cosmetics

Who doesn’t like to discover new local brands or just try new products? Not me, which is why I’d like to introduce you to smaller businesses in Montreal that really deserve your attention, and that hopefully, you’ll love just as much as I do.

Nuphar is a very recent brand (late 2016) of handmade and organic cosmetics. Everything from face creams to soap bars is handmade by the lovely founder, Stéphanie, and most ingredients used are organic and/or without pesticides. And if that’s not enough, her branding is absolutely genius and oh-so-pretty! I mean look at those lovely nature-inspired pictures and super cute tags and jars! :O

Here is what I bought in my latest haul:

  • Face moisturiser for normal/combination skin: made with orange to hydrate skin and cedar to treat problem skin aka the excess of sebum, this cream has a delicate smell that makes you feel like you’re putting some good healthy stuff on your face. The texture is not too thick and thus perfect for anyone, even those who don’t like to moisturise (read: it doesn’t stay sticky or oily on your face!). What I love the most about this cream is that it penetrates really quickly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated for hours without looking oily. Perfect for applying in the morning before heading out the door, no makeup on, or in the evening for a soft and hydrated skin in the morning.
  • Hand cream: made with mango butter & orange blossom, this smells very light and delicate, and niiice but doesn’t have a strong smell. The texture is not too thick/greasy, and you don’t have to wait too long for it to penetrate (it doesn’t leave your hands sticky). This cream hydrates nicely and leaves a delicate sweet smell.
  • Organic soap: I had a hard time picking my favourite scent from all the options but I went for “aloe vera & peppermint” cuz mint always has a way to my heart! Every soap scent has a unique colour and sometimes even design, which makes your soap even more unique and fun to use. The aloe vera & peppermint soap smells very fresh (which is sooo appreciated after working out!), but there are other scents that are more sweet or flowery. A perfect gift for yourself or a dear friend!

Nuphar Montreal Organic Handmade Cosmetics Local Business

To purchase Nuphar products, visit the website to shop online, or buy in person at the Marché artisanal de Saint-Valentin, on February 11th, to chat with the owner and test the products (or smell ALL the soaps TWICE like I always do!!). Scoop: there will be new scents of soap, such as caramel+vanilla+coffee (*screams*)! In the meantime, you’d be awesome to drop a little ‘like’ on their facebook page to show some love! ❤

-xox- Marika


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