Bronze & Purple Makeup Look with Bubzbeauty’s Be Palette by BH Cosmetics | Review

When it comes to makeup gurus on Youtube, I have to say Bubzbeauty is the Youtuber I appreciate the most. Recently, she came out with an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with BH Cosmetics back in November called “Be… by BubzBeauty“. Without any second thought, I purchased the palette on the launch date.

At first, I was very surprised with the price of the palette. I was ready to spend around 25-30$ like any other collabs we’ve seeing during the year 0f 2016. This 12 colour eyeshadow palette is retailed for 18.00$ and I bought it for 14.00$. The packaging is a magnetic baby pink and gold foil printed solid cardboard with a cosmetics be palette by bubsbeauty review swatches and makeup look

The palette has 2 matte, 7 satin finish and 3 shimmer finish shadows. All of the shadows are very pigmented and soft.

  1. Happy: A very light yellow colour in a satin finish
  2. Grateful: Very pretty pink champaign colour in a satin finish
  3. Genuine: A dark cool toned brown shade in a satin finish
  4. Optimistic: A pretty light cool toned cappuccino matte shade. Perfect for transition.
  5. Inspired: A beautiful chocolate matte brown shade.
  6. Bold: Darkest shade of the palette, it’s a cool toned brown in a satin finish with a very soft olive undertone.
  7. Charismatic: Very intense bronze shimmer colour. Very pigmented.
  8. Thoughtful: A warm copper brown satin finish shadow.
  9. Able: This is a unique shade with a red undertone and gold shimmer shadow. As you apply, if give a very nice halo effect on the eye.
  10. Confident: A very nice warm and dark plum colour.
  11. Hopeful: A shimmery light yellow shadow.
  12. Kind: A light lavender purple in a satin finish

be_palette_bh_cosmetics_bubsbeauty_gold_purple_makeup_05be_palette_bh_cosmetics_bubsbeauty_gold_purple_makeup_06  be_palette_bh_cosmetics_bubsbeauty_gold_purple_makeup_07


Knowing Bubz, she is all about “being confident and being yourself” kind of YouTube guru. The way she developed the concept of handpicked eyeshadows and the palette itself is very clever. The name of each of the shadows is named with positive attitude words. When you pair it with the palette’s name, it would be “be Confident”; “be Genuine”, etc. Her concept is to remind you of positivity while using her palette.

The look I created is with a copper gold on the upper lid with a very subtle wing liner and a purple accent on the lower lash line for a pop of colour. The look is perfect for any occasion and very suitable for the coming spring season!

  • Upper lid: Optimistic as transition shade; Inspired and Bold for the outer V; Charismatic on two-third of the lid; Able in the centre for a pop of colour and Grateful in the inner corners.
  • Lower lash line: Confident from the outer to the centre; Kind from the middle to the inside and Grateful for the inner corners.



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