Trying Svelte’s Shapewear for the First Time!

Svelte shapewear jeggings merlot pants review

After Kim K. mentioned her fashion secret, shapewear, Spanx and bodysuits became very popular on social media. Just like any other products that the Kardashians purposely advertise for. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want an hourglass body like Kim?

Obviously, we need to love our own body. Some of us work hard with good practices to achieve the body that we want. Although, what if you want to go for a night out or just simply feel like wearing tight fitting clothes? I think these products could be a good and short term alternative.

I got these purple pants from Svelte. The company has different categories of clothing, from original shapewear, camisoles, leggings, jeggings and skirts. All of these categories have a slimming and smoothing effect, which gives you more option to choose from than original shape wears.


About my food baby…

Me, myself and I have a food baby. Not a humongous one but a 2-month food baby. So when Svelte approached me to try shapewear clothing, I decided to try the tight ankle slit leggings in the colour Merlot. The pants are made with cotton twill, which gives it its elasticity and makes the pants feel like jeans but very comfortable. They also come in black if you want to get something more universal. The style of these pants is very casual and perfect for work. Depending on what kind of shirt you want to pair it with, your outfit can look as classy as you want – it is a very universal and wardrobe friendly item.

Just like any other product from Svelte, these pants come with a built-in waist panel to keep your silhouette looking smooth and stylishly dressed all day long. The 4-inch high-waist feels very firm on your tummy but it is comfortable: you don’t feel like everything is tugged in. You won’t need to worry about your muffin top when you wear a tight T-Shirt anymore. You can also wear the pants on top of a shirt and it can look like high-waist pants.

I am very petite, so most of the time the bottom of my pants would bunch up at my ankles. Since these pants have a slit at the ankle, you will get a smoother bottom. If you are tall, the slits will become a nice accent to these simple pants. Just like the model on the product page, it would look cute with summer shoes or sandals.

Thanks to Svelte for sponsoring this post! I honestly would really recommend this brand. As lazy as I am, minimum effort like putting on some smoothing pants will do the trick because even though I like my food baby, these pants can come in handy when you have a date or an important meeting and want to feel more confident about your looks. The products they sell are top-notch. If you are looking for something with a slimming and smoothing effect, I would tell you to check out this brand! Oh and did I mention they are a Canadian company?! We’re proud of that!

– Melissa ox’


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