#SupportLocalBusinesses: ÉCODERMA, Vegan Skincare

ÉCODERMA Atelier DIY Workshop Bath Salts Montreal Rose Clay Mask

Last month, I introduced you to Nuphar, my new favourite local brand of organic skincare, and I was quite happy with my post, considering how much I love to share my knowledge of skincare. It’s always a pleasure to introduce you to new brands, and provide some visibility for other women entrepreneurs at the same time! ❤ This month, let me tell you more about ÉCODERMA, a brand that offers a large selection of vegan skincare.

I was first introduced to ÉCODERMA’s products a few weeks ago when I took part in a DIY workshop during which the owner, Priscilla, showed us how to do our own pink clay mask and bath salts, using only vegan ingredients. How cool is that?! There are several workshops organized throughout the year, they are very affordable (less than 30$), and you get to take home your handmade products as well as the recipe.

ÉCODERMA Atelier DIY Workshop Bath Salts Montreal Rose Clay Mask
Raw ingredients: epsom salt, lavender, and organic roses

ÉCODERMA Atelier DIY Workshop Bath Salts Montreal Rose Clay Mask
Raw ingredients: chamomile, epsom salt, Himalayan salt
I love this concept because it allows everyone to be creative (you choose the ingredients to personalize your products), you get to create good products that your skin will love, and Priscilla is extremely knowledgeable so you can ask her all your skincare questions! I’m already looking forward to attending the next DIY workshop!

ÉCODERMA has tons of products for you to fall in love with: from body scrubs, to bath salts, these are offered in a range of scents such as lemon, peppermint, cinnamon and chai (!!!), rose and vanilla, etc. Making a selection has become a very difficult task… I’ll just get one of each, thank you!

Priscilla has great ambitions and is preparing a lot of new items for the summer collection. Can you guess how excited I am about this?? 😀 To purchase ÉCODERMA products, visit their Etsy shop: you are sure to find something that you’ll like! I also recommend checking out their Facebook page to know about upcoming events (they take place in Montreal) and drop an appreciated little like 😉 ❤

-xox- Marika


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