BOXYCHARM | March Edition – My first box ever + full face makeup

Yes, I became a Charmer this March.

This is my very first Boxycharm box! I cannot tell you how excited I was after clicking that checkout button.

During these past few months, being a Kathleenlight’s religious follower, her Boxycharm unboxing videos sold me. The price for the box and the products you get are really worth the money. You get 5 products and for most boxes you get at least 4 full-sized items and the total retail price always goes beyond 100$ of worth. Obviously, being Canadian, the box would be a little more expensive after the conversion. To test out Boxycharm, I subscribed to a 3 months deal. I don’t know if it’s because it ships from the US, I got charged for a $15 shipping fee… So after calculation, the grand total is $101 CAD, which roughly came up to $30 per box. I expected to pay a little less than that, but it is still an OK price for me. Will I renew my subscription? I shall see how I feel after 3 months!

The March Boxycharm

So my March boxed contained 4 full-sized and 1 sample-sized item:

  1. Photo Finish Primer by SmashBox (Travel Size, 0.5oz) – Retails for $16
    • Everyone knows SmashBox has one of the best primers out there. Even if it’s not full-sized, it can last you a long time. You only need a tiny bit for your whole face. And I still have my sample size too!
  2. SS023 Deluxe Fan Brush by  CrownBrush (Full Size) – Retails for $18.99
    • A very soft, thick, flat fan brush. If you like a subtle highlight (not the super harsh IG style) this brush could be your go to. It is great for contour as well. I’ve heard good things about CrownBrush in general.
  3. Urban Rustic Palette by Naked Cosmetics (Full Size) – Retails for $39.99
    • Naked Cosmetics is known for their pigments. This palette has 3 super intense shimmery eyeshadows, a military kaki green, a vivid bronze orange and a beautiful burgundy red. Obviously, you cannot do a full eye look with these 3 shades. But the pigmentation is amazing!
    • bodycharm_naked_cosmetics_urban_rustic_paletteboxycharm march 2017 Naked Cosmetics Urban Rustic Palette
  4. Matte Liquid Lipstick by RealHer, in Ladylove (Full Size, 0.15 oz) – Retails for $15.00
    • This liquid lipstick is da bomb. The packaging design is on point. It is super long lasting, light weight, super matte, kiss-proof and waterproof (Trust me, I accidentally showered with my swatch still on. It went through my shower gel and didn’t change a bit)! The formula is super bold and pigmented and it leaves the lips hydrated and helps to combat dryness. I’m not a fan of scented lipsticks but this one has a really “cute” and a subtle lemonade scent which goes away after it dries. Conclusion: totally worth it!
  5. Lipliner, in I Am Loved (Full Size, 0.04 oz) – Retails for $12,50
    • The colour totally matches with the liquid lipstick. Not like its partner (aka the lippie) it will budge. After I pressed my napkin on my lips, you can definitely see my lipliner shaping my lips, while the area with the liquid lipstick did not budge at all. Although, there is something weird about this lipliner… the body of the pencil is in plastic, not sure how I am supposed to sharpen it! And there is no place where I can twist the product out. So I am guessing the tip of the liner is all the product I get? Even if it’s super pigmented and you use so little, I don’t see how it is worth $12,50. Unless there’s another way to get out the product… let me know in the comments if you know.boxycharm_march_2017_realher_liquid_lipstick_ladylove

This month’s box was really diverse in products, so I was able to try them out on my face and do a “full” look with a few products of my own. Overall I think the March box is pretty cool. It was a total of $102.50 worth of products. However, I expected this box to have a spring theme. The colour combos for the eyeshadows and the lip products were too intense and deep which is more suitable for the Fall season.

Boxycharm March 2017 full makeup look tryon

If you are a Charmer, let me know what you think about this month’s box. The liquid lipstick and the primer are my absolute favorites!

‘ox Melissa


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