Discovering Montreal One Beer at a Time With Passeport en Fût

Passeport en fût lancement 2017 Boswell microbrasserie microbrewery beer biere

At Melrika, we are all about showing our love for local brands and really anything about Montreal. Which is why we never get tired of introducing fabulous local businesses. This week, let me tell you about Passeport en fût, a concept developed by two passionate young women who love craft beer just as much as they love Montreal and its people.

Passeport en fût lancement 2017 Montreal microbrewery microbrasserie

Last Wednesday (the 29th), Passeport en fût launched their second edition, and I am already very excited to try it out! The launch party took place at Boswell, a very cute microbrewery with a modern look, extremely friendly staff, and delicious food (you MUST try the salmon tartare!).

Passeport en fût’s concept is very simple: the passport is a little book that comprises 12 coupons allowing you to discover 12 different microbreweries on the island of Montreal, whenever you want between May 1st and December 15th. Each coupon can be exchanged for one product selected by the microbrewery, and usually consists of a pint of craft beer, 3-4 beer samplers, and a non-alcoholic option such as homemade kombucha (more details on the website).

On each page of the passport, you can also find the address of the microbrewery as well as the best way to get there in public transit. How convenient and well-thought out?!

This year’s 12 participating microbreweries are the following:

Passeport en fût specifically targets craft beer lovers, as well as anyone who likes good food and local products, but it’s perfect for anyone who wishes to discover Montreal in an original way. You can purchase it here for $40 and it ships directly to your home. Why not also buy one for a friend? That way, you’ll be able to discover microbreweries with a buddy! We also recommend following Passeport en fût on Facebook in order to stay updated on anything beer-related.

With my passport in hand, you know where to find me this summer 😉 Now, can it pleeease be May already?? #JeBoisMTL ❤

-xox- Marika


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