8 Ways To Save Money On Makeup

Hi luvs!

This post is not the typical product review post we normally do. I wanted to write something different and I came up with the idea of writing about how to save money when buying makeup because let’s be honest girlfriend, makeup is expensive! These are a few of my tips that I use myself and hope it will help you save some bucks on beauty products.

If you have any tips, please let me know, I would love to learn from you as well!

  1. Ebates: If you don’t know it already, Ebates is a site where you get to save a percentage of mula on the total amount of your purchase. The site covers a lot of different online stores. Normally, you save 8% on Sephora and when there are special events, it can go up to 16%. What I do is I first shop on Sephora. When I am ready to checkout, I sign in on Ebates and select Sephora. It will then redirect you back to Sephora’s site and I make my payment. Ebates sends me a check every 3-4months with the amount I accumulated. If you are interested, you can sign up for free here 🙂
  2. Sephora’s travel size section: Since I do not wear heavy makeup every day, it takes time for me to finish a product. Beauty products have an expiry date and it’s better to not waste anything. So not only you pay less for a product, you also make sure to finish it. Another reason why I like to purchase travel size
    is that I get to try a product before buying the full size. Just like dry shampoos: I don’t use them much because I wash my hair every day, but it’s always handy to have one around! I also really like to buy those 5$ Origins masks. I am a very lazy girl, I do a mask maybe every 2 weeks. Those masks seem very small but you can use up to 5 times. Also, with this small amount, I get to try different types of masks. Putting expired skin care on my face is a big no-no! (Read more about expiry dates here, we wrote a post on it!)travel size makeup to save money
  3. Use the samples: Sephora or other beauty shops, like The Face Shop, always give out small samples. Use them! You can use them at home but it’s also great to keep them in your purse. They are small and very travel-friendly. So if you suddenly need to use hand cream… Well, there you have it!
    nude travel makeup back with beauty samples
  4. Returns: Not everyone knows about the return policy on beauty products because technically when a product is used or opened, you can’t return it. That does not apply to beauty products. Even if you don’t like it or it caused an allergy reaction, you can still return it! Don’t let it sit and collect dust on your vanity. Makeup is expensive!
  5. Coupons: This doesn’t apply to Sephora but when you make a purchase online, make sure to google if there are any available coupon codes!
  6. Buy from the brand’s site directly: Yes I know, Sephora has a lot of goodies that make you buy from them instead of the original brand’s site. Many times I notice that the products from the brand’s site is a little cheaper and they also have their own coupon or sales. Sometimes they even have lower shipping limits. So you don’t need to waste your money by adding extra items in your cart to get free shipping on Sephora!
  7. Ask for samples: If you are at a Sephora store and not sure which foundation works best for your skin type, don’t be shy to ask for a few samples. The Sephora associates will be glad to help you out!
  8. Buying kits: Kits are everything! When it comes to skincare, I love buying kits because I get to try everything all together. Toner and moisturizer are a must for me, so if the kit comes with other things in smaller sizes, I get to try out new routines. (I honestly get intimidated by all those things you need to put on your face… read post on Ole Henriksen’s kit) I also love to check out Sephora’s Favorites kits, especially the lip kits.
    Sephora Favorites give me some lip and nude lipsticks

So that’s about it! If you have any tips, let me know 😀

Melissa ‘ox


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