Discovering Arbonne: Brand History, Info, and Review!

Arbonne Canada Review Mascara It's a long story Lipstick Dream Deodorant mint

One of my resolutions for 2017 has been to improve my beauty routine by including more (and eventually ONLY) greener, safer, and healthier products. As a girl who knows a lot about beauty brands and their newest products, I feel ashamed to know so little about ingredients and what they do to our body. For all these reasons, I started incorporating Arbonne products into my beauty routine. Let me tell you why!

Arbonne Canada Review History

Arbonne’s slogan is “pure, safe, beneficial”: all products are certified drug free, carbon neutral, PETA, vegan, gluten-free, etc. The brand uses ingredients according to Swiss standards (which are MUCH stricter than Canada’s and MUCH MUCH stricter than USA’s) and every item is formulated without animal products or by-products, benzene, bisphenol-a, mineral oils, parabens, petrolatum, and so many more ingredients that cosmetics companies use but are bad for our health. As a result, Arbonne’s products are more concentrated and thus more efficient. It does have an impact on the price, but it’s always worth paying more when it’s beneficial for our skin and general health, right?

This is what I bought in my first haul:

  • Daily Self-Adjusting Shampoo With Tea Tree Oil, from the Arbonne Intelligence collection. Once again, I fell for the herbal smell of this shampoo! It is perfect for people who have eczema, psoriasis, or hair that gets oily very fast. If you have normal hair, it may dry it, so you just need to add extra conditioner.  I love this shampoo: it has a pearly finish, smells amazing, makes my scalp feel fresh, and I can finally feel good about the products I am putting in my hair. Also, the pump is very convenient!
  • Nourishing Daily Conditioner, from the FC5 collection. This smells like fruit! It is not a thick (aka greasy) conditioner so you can use it daily or run a little bit of product all through your hair like I do. Will definitely buy this again (says the girl who usually skipped conditioner but doesn’t anymore)!

Arbonne Canada Review Intelligence FC5 Daily self-adjusting shampoo tea tree oil daily nourishing conditioner

  • Pure Mint Deodorant. I am always weak for herbal smells such as basil, coriander, or mint, and I couldn’t resist the smell of minty fresh on this safe deodorant, because yes, it’s formulated without aluminum! The scent is quite strong at first (which I looove) but it disappears quickly. I would recommend this product particularly to people who do not sweat very much, as I noticed that my armpits smelled after a few hours of not-so-intense work (sorry for the deets).
  • Smoothed Over Lipstick in the shade “Dream”. The lipstick smells nice, and the pigmentation is impressive. My only critique is that I wished there was more product: I feel that the bullet is a little small compared to other lipsticks. The best thing about this lipstick is that some of the profits from the sale of this specific shade go to a foundation! I wisely chose my lipstick shade  😉
  • It’s a Long Story Mascara. Made with polypeptides, pea extract, and bamboo extract, this mascara nourishes your lashes while coating them. The formula is specifically designed to be water-resistant (NOT waterproof) and long-wear. The brush divides lashes very well, which creates a lot of volume, and creates a natural look. The smell of this product is really fun: it is flowery, but the first whiff reminds me of wine 😉

Arbonne Canada Review Mascara It's a long story Lipstick Dream Deodorant mint

  • Awaken Sea Salt Scrub, from the Aromassentials collection. This has to be my favourite Arbonne product so far! Made “with lemon for vitality and coriander for happiness”, this smells like sunshine! While the sea salt takes care of removing dead cells and smoothing your skin, the essentials oils leave the skin baby soft and smelling SO good. I swear I can’t stop smelling my skin after using this!! The smell is unisex so gentlemen can use it too. I seriously can’t get enough of this product, it makes me so happy when I use it!

Arbonne Canada Review Aromassentials Awaken Sea Salt body scrub

For more information on the brand and the products, you can visit their website, where you can also find more information on the ingredients that are banned from products.  ❤

-xox- Marika



2 thoughts on “Discovering Arbonne: Brand History, Info, and Review!

  1. I’ve stumbled upon your blog and I instantly became a fan!! 🙂
    I’m so thrilled that you’re enjoying these products!! A couple of the ones you reviewed in this post are among my top faves! I run my own Arbonne business (I’m an Independent Consultant in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), and sadly several of the items you mentioned are being taken off the market permanently by Arbonne: the Daily Self-Adjusting Shampoo With Tea Tree Oil, the Smoothed Over Lipstick shade Dream, and the fabulous Awaken Sea Salt Scrub (in fact, Arbonne has discontinued the entire Aromassentials line as of last month, which REALLY upset me and a lot of clients!). I do know that there are still some of all these items left in Arbonne’s Canadian stock, which they are selling at an awesome discount price right now (while quantities last of course)! You can check out these discounts on the discontinued items under the “Special Offers” menu on Arbonne Canada’s website:,1141.aspx
    I also wanted to say THANK YOU for doing what you do – writing a great blog with helpful reviews just like this one! Keep it up, and please keep the posts coming!!! 😉

    All the best,
    – Christine Natasha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Christine!! It is so heartwarming to hear that people appreciate our blog 🙂 I did hear about the Aromassentials line being discontinued, which is totally heart-breaking because it smelled SO GOOD! Thankfully, I did load up before they are completely gone! 😉 -xox-

      Liked by 1 person

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