#SupportLocalBusinesses: Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Maison Jacynthe Natural Cosmetics Review

Maison Jacynthe is far more than a natural cosmetics company or a great source for delicious healthy recipes: it is a lifestyle created by actress Jacynthe René. The makeup line is formulated with natural ingredients, such as green coffee beans to nourish and smooth. Containers are refillable and have a low environmental impact which is a big plus! You can read the full history of the brand here (in French only).

I have heard really good comments about their makeup products and was curious to try them out. For this reason, I felt very lucky when the brand approached me to do a sponsored review of makeup items*!  😀

First of all, I need to talk about the packaging, which is absolutely adorable and stands out from your regular packaging: it is written “made with love” on the box and there is the company’s red sticker on top of the box. Also, shipping was very fast (about one week), which is always greatly appreciated.

Here are the products I received from Maison Jacynthe, in exchange for my honest review:

Maison Jacynthe Natural Cosmetics Review

  • Lipstick in “Grenat”: First of all, the packaging is wow: the cap is in caramel-coloured wood, and the bottom part of the tube is made of metal. The texture is very smooth, but not too creamy so the lipstick doesn’t dry the lips but still remains intact for a little while (unless you eat or drink). The colour payoff is impressive: one layer and BOOM! vibrant lips! Also, the metallic finish is SUPER cute: I couldn’t stop staring at my lips whenever a mirror was around! The metallic aspect makes the lipstick look like a duochrome product: there’s the darker berry tone of the lipstick, and the lighter, pink almost gold metallic part. LOVE it!! Oh and my mom loves it as much as I do: perfect for women of all ages! 100% of this product’s ingredients are of natural origin. Lipsticks come in 9 different shades.

Maison Jacynthe Natural Cosmetics Review

  • Highlighter in “Soleil Pétillant”: There is a beautiful intricate design representing the company’s logo on the powder. The highlighter is a refill, which is great because it means less packaging and less trash, but also less space in the makeup bag. Yay for greener products! The texture is very smooth, not chalky at all! The best part about this product is that a little goes a long way: I put just a little bit of highlight on my cheekbones and it was already seriously poppin’! Also, the colour is super flattering and will look good on all skin tones. This highlight is definitely one of my favourites and I have tested my share of highlights! 100% of this product’s ingredients are of natural origin. Highlighters come in 2 different shades.
Maison Jacynthe Natural Cosmetics Review
The highlight is seriously poppin’!
  • Nail polish in “Venezia”: The bottle is fancy-looking, with an elegant yet simple design. The choice of colours is also very elegant: there are a lot of nude shades, and some beautiful reds too. The applicator is quite large, which I love because it takes less time to do a manicure. The product spreads very well and evenly, and one layer is enough (I put 2, for durability). “Venezia” is a beautiful cool-toned red, not too flashy and not too dark for the summer. It looks brighter in the sun, and darker when I’m indoors or when there is less light. LOVE IT! Will definitely wear it all the time, all year round! My new favourite shade 😀 80% of this product’s ingredients are of natural origin. Nail polishes come in 12 different colours, including a top coat and a base coat.
Maison Jacynthe Natural Cosmetics Review
Look at that gorgeous shade of nail polish!

Overall, I absolutely LOVE my products from Maison Jacynthe and will definitely recommend and/or order! Even if I had heard a lot of positive reviews of the brand before trying it myself, I was still very much impressed by the quality of the products, the beautiful ideology behind the brand, and how the brand pays attention to details (remember that sweet packaging!).

Maison Jacynthe Natural Cosmetics Review

Maison Jacynthe’s makeup products in 3 words: long-wear, pigmented, and high-quality.

Maison Jacynthe Natural Cosmetics Review

*this post is sponsored by Maison Jacynthe. Thank you for sending me those fabulous products!!

-xox- Marika


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