BOXYCHARM | May 2017 Edition

Allowing yourself to try something new without you wanting it, well… it’s a good thing. This is one of the perks from subscribing to a subscription box.

This month’s box is definitely a box where most of them items I don’t normally use or never thought I would use. However, I must say this month is very similar to last ones. The product theme is almost the same (read last month’s post here.). Even though they are alike, these ones are not the ordinary everyday things, at least not for me, that I would use or purchase. Here is what I got:

  1. Highlight & Contour Palette by IBY Beauty (full size $40.00): the palette reminds me a lot of the Kat Von D’s or Anastasia Beverley Hill’s contour palettes. It has 6 matte shades, they are smooth and pigmented. The packaging is super nice, it almost has a luxury feel and it also comes with a large good quality mirror. I personally would never use matte to highlight, but at least I get to try it!
  2. Round Contour Brush by Crown Pro (full-size $24.99): This is basically an Artis brush look alike. Only that it is a domed shape brush instead of being flat. I never would have thought of buying spoon-like brushes because I think a normal foundation brush would do the job quite well. Even if it says it is a contouring brush, I went a little rebel and used it for the foundation. The bristles are so dense when applying foundation; it leaves a flawless finish and with no streaks. I think I know what is my new foundation brush from now on ;). I also really like that it comes with a slide-in cap like a travel toothbrush. I just think it’s a lot more sanitary since the foundation would leave a sticky residue on it and with the cap it just prevents the dust to sit on it.
  3. Convertible Brow – 02 by The BrowGal (full-size $35.00): Now this is special! This brow kit can be used in 2 forms. You can either use it as a pomade when you wet it or as a powder when it’s dry. I use powder for my brows every day, and I can tell there is a slight difference when you use the Convertible Brow. The product comes in 3 shade, a warm, a cool and neutral tone. The consistency is a little damper as a normal shadow powder when completely dry. So if you get this kit, keep in mind the product will be darker and more intense than a normal brow kit. Again, this makes me want to try the Instagram clean brow look for once without purchasing an actual pomade!
  4. Brow Brush by The BrowGal (full-size $14.00): Very convenient, the box comes with a matching brow pencil with the brow kit. It is double-ended with a spooly and a very thin angle brush. The thinness allows you to be super precise with your brow game 😉boxycharm may 2017 The BrowGal convertible brow temptu liquid highlight
  5. Last but not least, a Liquid Glow by Temptu (full-size $29.50): this is in collaboration with Boxycharm. Like the name, it is a liquid highlighter that you can mix with your foundation and make you glow from within. It’s super interesting because you normally need an airbrush tool to use the liquid product but this one you can just mix it with your foundation and you will GLOW. It is a super micro-fine gold glitter. The whole product is almost like a champaign colour so it will look super natural. After applying your foundation mixed with the Liquid Glow, you can take a bit of the product and tap it to the areas you normally highlight with your fingers. It will add an extra glow without looking fake. Being a non-highlight user, I LOVE it! ❤

beach makeup look with boxycharm 2017 may box

I subscribed to 3 boxes and I think this is THE box that I am most satisfied with. I won’t necessarily use it all the time since I have other things I need to finish, but they definitely help to explore the beauty world without wasting energy and spending hundreds of dollars on things I might not like. The total of the box is $143.49 and a 35$ off coupon from Hello Fresh grocery subscription box. So yeah, you almost get 6 items for this box.

Let me know what you like the most from this month’s box!

Melissa ‘ox


6 thoughts on “BOXYCHARM | May 2017 Edition

  1. I haven’t heard about Temptu in ages – remember when they were all the rage with their airbrush makeup system? I’ve been enjoying the liquid highlighters lately – the one from Color FX is so good.
    Those oval brushes are so good for smooth foundation. I prefer doing most of the blending with my fingers first, then I use the oval brush to smooth. It makes my pores disappear!
    Great box! I love it when it’s all makeup!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ooh! Thanks for the insightful comment! Love reading these 🙂
      I never heard about Temptu before and just found out about this company does a lot of airbrush product like you said. I’m kinda glad they came out with something that doesn’t require the machine! I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

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