Unexpected Tarte Haul -Because There Was a Crazy Deal!-

Tarte Haul Bronze glow contour brush tarteist lip paint get it amazonian clay 12h blush exposed claypot empowered hybrid gel foundation lights camera lashes mascara

Back in May, Tarte announced a crazy deal on their website and social media accounts: 7 items for 84CAN$. I had told myself that I wouldn’t buy makeup for a little while, but hey: who listens to that kind of negativity?! πŸ˜‰ Anyhow, this deal was too good to pass on so I purchased the kit and I so don’t regret it!

The kit contains 7 items; a brush, a foundation, a blush, a lipstick, an eyeliner, a mascara, and a cute makeup pouch. You got to pick one of two super cute bags; a purple one with gold on the inside, and a “unicorn” one. The whole kit was customizable: not only could you pick the shade (duh) but also what product you want for each category. For example, you could pick between at least 4-5 options of foundation (full coverage, powder, CC stick, etc), lipstick, mascara, etc.  Also, Tarte is a cruelty-free company so yay!!

What I got:

  • Empowered hybrid gel foundation in “light neutral”. I love the packaging of this product!! The purple box with the geometric design, and the glass container for the foundation that makes it look like a precious elixir. Wow! The texture of this foundation is fun (who doesn’t like gel?!) and the light smell is actually not annoying at all. The coverage was good: I wouldn’t say this is full coverage, but somewhere close to that (and it is buildable so you can get that full coverage look!). The only downside is that it remains a little sticky on the skin, even after having set it with powder… Contains “skinvigorating ingredients”: Amazonian clay and mineral pigments.

Empowered hybrid gel foundation tarte

  • Bronze & glow contour brush. The brush is super cute with the wood part and the gold pieces too. The bristles are so soft! The “bronze” part is HUGE and the bristles are very dense; perfect for bronzing or applying powder all over. The brush on the “glow/contour” side is very soft and not too dense: perfect for a delicate and precise application. A perfect brush for experts and beginners!
  • Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in “exposed”. I knew this blush would be pale, but it is very pale: it barely shows on my skin unless I put a lot. I don’t really mind, but I am just used to super pigmented blushes so this felt weird the first time. I don’t think it’s the product itself but more the shade that is too pale. I use it as a soft contour, which looks more natural than a brown powder on anyone with very pale skin. Contains “skinvigorating ingredients”: Amazonian clay and mineral pigments.

Tarte amazonian clay 12h blush exposed tarteist get it

  • Lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara in “black”. The packaging seems to be made out of leather (even though it’s vegan!) which makes the mascara look super fancy and precious. The brush is really great: not too small and not too big. It really separates the lashes and coats them with the perfect amount of mascara. Perfect volume guaranteed!
  • Amazonian clay waterproof liner in “cobalt”. This one is a little disappointing because I was expecting a nice electric blue liner, but the pigmentation really isn’t there unless you apply 3 coats of liner… On the other hand, this eyeliner’s texture is perfect!! It doesn’t dry on the brush while you apply it and it glides perfectly across the lids. So this compensates for the lack of pigmentation! Contains “skinvigorating ingredients”: Amazonian clay, mineral pigments and botanical waterproofing agent.

Amazonian clay pot waterproof liner cobalt

  • Tarteistquick dry matte lip paint in “get it!”. The wear is quite good and it is comfortable (aka not drying), but Tarte liquid lipsticks leak a little even when tightly closed. This is mysterious, but there is always oil coming out of the tube if I don’t store it vertically, and this has happened with my 2 Tarte liquid lipsticks. It’s a bit annoying because I’m scared of carrying it in my purse… Also, the shade I picked is a little too peachy for me I find. I might get used to it or wear it later in the summer when I’m more tan, but I’m not a fan of the shade at the moment 😦

Also, Sephora’s beauty insider birthday gift this year is either a Caudalie kit or a Tarte kit, and I picked the latter one for my birthday which was in May πŸ™‚

Sephora beauty insider VIB birthday gift 2017 tartelette Tarte

The kit contains:

  • Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in paaarty. This shade is darker than “exposed” even though the packaging seems to indicate otherwise.
  • Tarteist creamy matte lip paint in birthday suit. I am usually not a fan of nude lipsticks but I am trying πŸ˜‰ and I must say I LOVE this one. It is the perfect nude lipstick for me (my BFF commented that on my Instagram selfie and I totally agree!), and I am sure it also looks gorgeous on all skin tones!

Sephora beauty insider VIB birthday gift 2017 tartelette tarte amazonian clay 12h blush exposed tarteist lip paint get it

Those mini sizes are simply too cute!! Perfect when traveling or while on a getaway weekend!

Were you able to get your hands on this crazy deal? What are your favourite products from Tarte?

-xox- Marika



6 thoughts on “Unexpected Tarte Haul -Because There Was a Crazy Deal!-

  1. This deal was INSANE. But I was on a no-buy so I just had to pretend I was partaking. I even created a cart and selected my items and shades… and then closed the tab! πŸ˜†
    I had the Tarte blush in Exposed and I didn’t care for it either – I ended up giving it away. I just think the formula isn’t that great – it doesn’t blend nicely.
    I am looking forward to getting that Tarte birthday present in July for that blush shade in “paaarty” – it looks much nicer than Exposed!
    Enjoy your goodies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh that sucks that you didn’t like the blush! I had heard so many great things about the Amazonian clay blush, but was a little disappointed too 😦 Let me know how you like you bday gift!! The mini sizes are to die for! -xox-


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