Kat Von D’s Studded Liptick vs. Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovecraft | Which One is Better?


Kat Von D released some new liquid lipsticks during spring and she has been teasing us on Instagram with all the new colours. A lot of them are in the cool tones with a few crazy colours. For this new everlasting liquid lipsticks collection, it happened that she came out with a shade called “Lovecraft” which was the same name as one of the shades in the Studded Lipstick line. It also happens that I own that studded lipstick and it is my ultimate favourite go-to lipstick for everyday looks.

lovecraft_everlasting_liquid_lipstick_kat_von_D lovecraft_kat_von_D_studded_lipsticklovecraft_kat_von_D_studded_lipstick_liquid_lipstick_swatch

And I was crazy enough about the shade and wanted to see how it would look in a liquid lipstick form.

In this post, I will focus less on the review part but I just wanted to do a comparison of both products. I thought it would be fun to write it about my thoughts.

To be honest, I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks since the beginning. I just think they were over hyped. Every single company came out with a line of liquid lipsticks so I just jumped on the bandwagon and followed the trend. Some liquid lipsticks are great but some are not very great. An old-fashion bullet lipstick can never go wrong. After trying both, my studded lipstick is still the winner.

I am not sure if Kat Von D is trying to really recreate Lovecraft in a liquid form but both shades are really similar, yet not identical. And here are the differences in both and why I prefer the bullet form.

The colours: The bullet lipstick is more in the muted shade, whereas the liquid lipstick has more red into it, which makes the bullet lipstick an appropriate natural nude lipstick for my skin tone without looking sick or brown. It’s the perfect pink rose petal colour.

The longevity: Of course the liquid lipstick has a longer longevity and I appreciated it a lot. In comparison, the bullet lipstick stays just till you eat however Studded lipsticks usually last longer than the majority. However, when you finish eating, the centre of your lips covered with the liquid lipstick might disappear. Without being self-conscious during my whole meal… I’d rather have my bullet lipstick to come off completely than worrying about how ridiculous I look with a butt hole lip look. Let’s be honest, liquid lipstick is not easy to remove with a napkin.

The texture: the lines of your lips are more visible and it’s more drying when you use liquid lipstick, whereas using the bullet form leaves you a smoother and creamier look.

The contouring of your lips: Depends on what kind of lip look you prefer. Liquid lipstick defines better the contour of the lip whereas the other one has a softer line. I honestly prefer a softer look. I don’t have time to well define symmetrically my lips. Once you mess up, you messed up.

Both colours are pretty however, I think I like more the original version of Lovecraft. What are your thoughts? I think if you are looking for a cute nude rose petal colour, I think this is the right fit. I find that the studded lipsticks are less talked about and I think they deserve more attention!

-Melissa ‘ox


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