Buying a Foundation with Sephora’s Color IQ Without Test Swatch

colorIQ sephora review kat von D lock it foundation

For those who don't know, there's an iPad and a skin tone detector at the Sephora store for you to determine your skin colour. After scanning your face with that device, the clever Sephora will save your result into your account and match you with all the possible foundations on their site. Hurray for technology for making our shopping life easier than ever and saving my lazy ass too! In fact, I personally do not like to shop at the store, I feel too overwhelmed and shopping online is a lot more resourceful!

Without doing test swatches at the Sephora store, I directly ordered a foundation from their site to see whether the Color IQ is really that intelligent.

Before leaving the machine after the test, the most important thing to remember is to save that colour code by logging into your account by using their iPad when you are at the store.

When shopping for your foundation online after you scanned your skintone, make sure to log into your account, go to your Beauty Insider information and click on View color IQ matches. Then Sephora will bring you to the foundation page with preselected available products.


Sephora color IQ foundation match


As my colour code (3Y08) was already saved in my account earlier, when I select a foundation on their site, Sephora always brings me directly to the shade that is appropriate for me.


sephora color IQ makeup forever 3708 foundation match

Sometimes you will see your code in the description and sometimes you won't. When your colour code appears beside the foundation description, it might look very different from your actual skin tone, but don't be alarmed if it differs, it's still the appropriate colour code for you. If the colour doesn't appear beside the description, it's still ok, it doesn't mean they don't have the shade for you. If you want to buy a certain brand and you don't see your code, don't panic because when you click to enter into the foundation description page, Sephora will auto bring you to the good shade you need. Pretty neat right? I can confirm because that's how I got my Kat Von D's Lock-It foundation. I was really scared but I ended up getting the perrrrrfect shade.

Another cool thing about this Color IQ is that when you are browsing the foundation section, on the left side, you will see your colour code. Beside it, Sephora recommends you a lighter and a darker shade. So if you scanned your skin in the middle of winter time and you need to buy a new foundation shade for your sunkissed skin in mid-summer, you can use this option to determine your new tone! I can't confirm that but the idea of the feature is pretty cool. It saves you a trip to the store and avoids getting swarmed by the crowd.

color IQ sephora shade suggested lighter and darker

As I got my Kat Von D's foundation in the shade Medium 52 Warm I was really excited to see how well the Color IQ performed. And of course, it did not fail me and the colour fits my summer skin tone perfectly like a glove.

If you find this post helpful, let me know by liking the post and I am very interested in your thoughts and experience with the Color IQ!

-Melissa 'xo


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