Expressing Our Montreal Love With Modern Map Art’s Personalized Posters

I have this strange tendency to fall in love with pretty much any large city I visit. New York? Fabulous! Toronto? I want to live there! Paris? Always looking forward to going back! Stockholm? It feels like home! And the list goes on… Nevertheless, I have a very special place in my heart for my hometown, Montreal. So when Modern Map Art offered we do a review of a Montreal map poster, the answer was very obvious 😉

From cities to mountains to ski trails, Modern Map Art has all the maps you can possibly imagine! And if you are feeling a little extra (and you should!), you can have your map printed on a pillow or an iPhone case!


Also, their coolest option is the customizable maps: you can pick any city you like, pick what part of the city you want to see (how zoomed in or out, what area, etc.), you can choose what size you want the poster to be, you can select a colour theme, AND you can pick between a “building” map, a “topo” map, and a “streets” map. How cool!! Now I definitely want more maps to hang on my walls.

Modern Map Art Montreal

The map I received represents mostly the downtown area of Montreal, white on a black background, and the size is 18×24 portrait. I was a little worried about how the poster would survive transport, but it was SO well wrapped and protected that there was no problem at all.




Another great surprise for me was the quality of the paper: it is quite thick and thus resistant, and thank goodness it is a MATTE paper 😀 I do not really like shiny posters as they remind me of my kid/teenage bedroom with the ton of band posters that I used to hang on my walls…ugh. Matte feels more modern and suits any decor and personality.



Another impressive aspect of my map poster is how detailed it is, you can see the streets very clearly and there is no imperfection in the design or in the paper. Wow!





Overall, I am loving my poster: it is very high quality, totally fits my tastes and personality and it is an art piece that I am proud to hang on my wall. My friends will certainly be jealous 😉

Modern Map Art Poster Montreal

My personal favourites from Modern Map Art? The Skyline Art Prints are so beautiful and joyful, I just need one of each 😉

*this post is sponsored by Modern Map Art who were kind enough to let me pick a Montreal poster of my choice! Thank you!

-xox- Marika


2 thoughts on “Expressing Our Montreal Love With Modern Map Art’s Personalized Posters

  1. I totally agree about falling in love with any large city – I feel like I need to be immersed in a cosmopolitan atmosphere to sustain myself. I also love the map as a decorative piece, in my last apartment I had a massive tapestry of a world map along one wall and it always inspired me to get out and explore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Large cities make me dream and make me feel like I can be whoever I wanna be! And that’s the best feeling 🙂 Wow, the tapestry from your last apartment must have been lovely!!


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