Current Facewash: Ole Henriksen’s Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser

ole henriksen find your balance control cleanser

If you have oily skin and big pores, this is for you!

My current daily cleanser is Ole Henriksen Find Your Balance Oil Cleanser. It’s been almost 4 months I’ve been using this cleanser and I still like it a lot.I remember that I needed a cleanser urgently because I was running out of my Neutrogena. So being the Melissa that I am, I went to the store and picked up a cleanser without doing actual research – obviously, I did consult a sales associate on spot and that’s what she recommended.

The product has a thick gel consistency. When I apply it to my damp face, the product reacted like Vicks – not so strong, but it becomes pretty warm and cooling as you rub it. The scent has the spa fragrance or a slight smell of Vicks.


When I first used it, I immediately felt my skin was much cleaner. I like to use a smaller than a dime sized amount and lather it first so the product starts to react. Then I apply it to my face and massage for a good 5mins. Since there is a cooling and heat effect on the skin, the warmth helped to open up my pores and deep clean them.

It also helps to even my skin tone. I see there’s less redness and the skin looked less dull as well.

By far, this is my favourite cleanser just like my other skin care from Ole Henriksen. If you have combination to oily skin with big pores, I would recommend this one. If you want a smaller size, Sephora does have it online, however, they only have the full-size in-store. Either way, you can’t go wrong with the bigger size anyway!

-Melissa ‘ox


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