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best products from boxycharm

Helloo fellow readers,

I renewed Boxycharm twice for 3 months each and last month was my last one, sadly. Each start of the month is almost like Christmas for me because I know there will be unknown items waiting for me in that little black box. Throughout the 6 months, I have received products that I love a lot and that I included in my usual makeup routine. So here are the products that I like the most during my 6 months of Boxycharm.

So, why did I stop Boxycharm?

Boxycharm is one of the best subscription boxes for makeup. You get your money’s worth and the products you get are interesting. You get to discover different brands that are less talked about and sometimes you get branded products. However, in almost every box, you get the same type of products. The most common things you get would be highlighters, contours, eyeshadows, brushes and liquid lipsticks. Obviously, in each box, you get different types of those products but after getting 6 boxes in a row with the similar things… the makeup is starting to pile up. Also, I favour some things over others (e.g. liquid highlight vs. pressed powder highlight) so the ones I like less will sit there forever.

I also noticed that Boxycharm likes to give out colours that are more universal rather than what the common public would prefer; it is a common sense because the company wants to suit the majority of its audience. For example, when I get eyeshadow palettes, they are all neutral colours. I also got 2 of the palettes with the same shades but only from different brands. Something I dislike the most is getting liquid lipsticks in all the similar shades. As I subscribed during the summer period, from May to September, I expected to get something more colourful rather than all in deep red to brown shades that are more suitable for Fall. Same goes with eyeshadows. I would also appreciate it if I got different types of lip products than only matte liquids. Why would I continue when I get so much of the same things?

In all of my honest opinion, the box is great. It’s always exciting to expect something every month. But by the 3rd month, I am starting to get a bit disappointed.

So here are my favourite products from Boxycharm:

  1. Temptu x Boxycharm’s Liquid Glow: Never tried a liquid highlighter before. I love mixing this with my foundation, especially when it’s a matte one. Due to its very fine glitters, it gives a subtle and healthy glow to your foundation. I love it. This is my #1 product from this list.
  2. Ofra’s Rodeo Drive Highlighter: This is a super nice highlighter. Intense but soft. I love how it doesn’t have big chunks of glitter and the golden colour is perfect for any skin tone.
  3. Crown Brush’s Round Contour Brush: First time using a spoon brush and I like it! I like how the bristles are dense to not absorb too much product and blends in the foundation nicely. ofra highlighter rodeo drive, temptu liquid highlighter and round contour brush by boxycharm
  4. PÜR’s Pro Eyelashes in Diva: These are cruelty-free eyelashes. Instead of being mink eyelashes, these are the finest silk pair of lashes curated by the makeup artist, Mélanie Viger. They can be used up to 30 times for 14$. What I like about these is that they don’t look dramatic but it has the right amount of lashes and length to glam your look. I personally really like the shape of these as well. After cutting them, they won’t give me a cat eye effect and keep their length in the middle. pur cosmetics pro eyelashes by melanie viger
  5. PÜR’s Contour Blending Sponges Set: Even if it says it’s for contouring, I like to use it for foundation. They expand a lot when they are damp and are very soft as well. I only notice the pink one is slightly harder, maybe I got a defect. They blend the product very nicely. pur cosmetics blending sponges
  6. Boxycharm’s Blinc Electric Eye Palette: This palette is very different from the rest. At least this one is not a full neutral palette. The shadows are all metallic, super pigmented and very velvety. They call it electric, and you might think they are all neon colours, but they are actually berry, fall and romantic colours. I would not use it for a full eye look but I love to use as highlight and a pop of shimmer on top of a shadow. boxycharm blinc electric eyes eyeshadow palette metallic eyeshadowbest-boxycharm-blinc-electric-eyes-products-2

Now, I am still on a lookout for another subscription box to get. I researched for a few but still can’t find one in par with Boxycharm. If you are looking for a box that is full makeup oriented, Boxycharm is the one. Most of the time you get 100$+ worth of product and usually you get the set of makeup that you are able to do a full face makeup.

– ox’ Melissa


16 thoughts on “Boxycharm | My Fav’s from my 6 boxes

      1. That’s pretty cool!
        I just subscribed to Look Fantastic’s beauty box. I thought it was pretty unique. You get 1 magazine plus 5 products (or 6?) in the box. I am all about packaging, and they seemed to be really putting the time to curate the colour schemes, theme and all. Can’t wait to get it!! It’s 25$ and promised to get products at least 65$ worth of goods!!

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  1. I’ve never used makeup box subscriptions but get so jealous whenever my friends’ subscriptions arrive throughout the month. It’s like Christmas every month! But I can definitely see how the makeup begins to pile up after a while

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes! I kind of see the trend of Boxycharm of where they are getting at. I think their concept is mostly providing a full face makeup box every month.

    If you are interested in starting subscription boxes, maybe you should start with Ipsy or Glossybox. Both are half the price of Boxycharm and you get a variety of things for each month. It really depends on what you are looking for or what you like to collect 🙂


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