Goodbyes & Thank yous! | Melissa’s Departure

What’s up Melrika readers?

First time here? Well, welcome to the blog. It has been 2 years and time does fly by. This post is a bittersweet one. A vibe that is abnormal for me to share in a text.

So here I am, announcing my departure from the blog.

Why? I am not quitting from my blogging life but I decided to move on with future projects.

After finishing my student life and moving on with my career path, things changed quite a bit. You must think, how different could it be when you are changing from being a student to a full-time worker? Oh, I am also amazed when I reflected on it. From changing to different schedules to getting closer and helping out my family and meeting someone new, they have made me understand better what life actually is. The priorities and values that I had slightly changed and I am also very happy with them.

So instead, of being on and off, I decided to take another direction. I am still not sure but maybe to start something that is more suitable to my current lifestyle. A blog that I can take as a hobby and have fun. Just like a happy diary!

On this final post, I want to thank all of you for showing so much love on my posts and encourage me to write better ones every time!

Hopefully, in the nearest time, I will see you again in my next project.

Much Love,

-ox’ Melissa


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