Major Updates and Other Exciting News!

new website soon melrika marika change update new domain

Hello dear readers,

This is not the usual beauty review or haul but please read this carefully as it is very important (and exciting!) 🙂 As you may have read recently, Melissa has left the blog which means that it is only me (Marika) running it from now on. YAAAAYY!! 😀

new blog updates melrika domain change

Working alone for the blog means more work, but it also means that I will now be able to make the blog more personal in order to reflect entirely my own opinions, values, and thoughts. I am very excited about this change and will work really hard to make this blog a better one. I intend to bring A LOT of changes to this site, and I wanted to write this post to let you know! **The site will be down for a little while, but you can expect a big comeback 😉 

What you can expect 

In the next couple of weeks, I will work very hard to change the look of the blog so it will almost feel brand new! You can expect to see new pictures, new topics, more content, and also… a brand new name!! I won’t reveal too much for now, but stay tuned! 😉

What will remain the same

I will still be posting mostly about makeup and skincare, so yes, the content will remain similar. Also, you can always reach me at the same email address, or find me on social media under the same handle (@melrikablog).

I am so excited about all of this and simply cannot wait to share the result with you all! I hope that you will love the new blog as much as I do! ❤

Thank you all for the continuous support, it means the world to me!! See you soon!

-xox- Marika


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