Versatile Blogger Award | Thank you!

versatile blogger award beat around the blush

Some weeks, you get nothing done and your mood is constantly “meh”. And sometimes, your week is absolutely amazing and it seems like only good vibes are surrounding you!

Last week was one of those for me, partly because Leniq from Leniq Blog nominated me for both the Liebster Award and the Versatile Blogger Award!! I’ve recently read blog posts about how the blogging community was being “less supportive than before”, but let me tell you, I am feeling the love in 2018!!! Thank you so much Leniq! ❤

This award means a lot to me because I’ve been trying to diversify my content in the past few months. I am happy to be able to call myself a versatile blogger now 😉

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award

versatile blogger award beat around the blush blog

Talking about myself isn’t very easy for me to do… I mean, yes, I have a blog and am active on social media, which could seem like I am always talking about myself, but really, I try to remain quite private and never really talk about personal things. But I’ve tried my best to come up with 7 interesting facts about me! 😉

  • I am very emotionally sensitive. Not in the “I cry easily and often” kind of way, but more in the “I feel everything very deeply” kind of way. If a close friend is going through a rough time, I will feel the pain too and will be in a sad mood. If I witness injustices, I feel very angry and the emotion remains for a long time. Things that usually don’t affect people too much, can affect me quite a bit. No, I am not constantly crying or grumpy, but there is always an emotional storm going on in my soul.
    versatile blogger award beat around the blush blessing curse feel deeply sensitive
  • I have always been obsessed with makeup, for as long as I can remember. It started with an obsession with drawing as a child, but I quickly realized that applying colours to your FACE was so much more fun than on paper 😉 I then started playing with makeup that my mom didn’t want anymore and that’s how I practiced (and became addicted).
  • I am extremely lazy with my hair. I can spend 1-2 hours doing an elaborate makeup look, but I will always take less than 5 min to do my hair. I was never good at doing anything with my hair and I simply don’t wish to develop that skill. I can’t even curl my hair with an iron! That is probably why I prefer short haircuts 😉versatile blogger award gif beat around the blush
  • Mental health issues and LGBTQ issues are very dear to my heart and I will not be silent about it. I mean, I am not always talking about mental health of LGBTQ issues, but I am always willing to discuss these matters with whoever is interested in the topic. I’m thinking about covering these topics here on the blog occasionally, but I’m not sure if I want to.
  • My goal is to become the best intersectional feminist that I can be. But it’s really not easy (see #1). I am always reading about feminism, gender, sexuality, and race, and how these matters intersect with one another. I think it makes me a better and more interesting person. If you’ve been following recent movements like #metoo and #timesup, you know how important it is to step up and speak up for yourself and for our sisters. 
  • I have very big dreams but am terrified of making them happen. I already mentioned here that I would like to live in another city, but am very scared to do it. The option is definitely still here and I think I am willing to do it, but I am scared of what comes after I’ve moved: will I be lonely? What about health insurance? Who can I call if I need help or am sick? I am too rational for a dreamer!! 
    beat around the blush versatile blogger award dreams
  • I have an exceptional gift for finding the perfect gif in a chat conversation! I’m only half-kidding here… A chat conversation with me is always very entertaining, mostly because of the gifs I add here and there. It can be anything from Beyoncé to Means Girls or even Lord of the Rings and cats, of course. Self-proclaimed gif queen right here 😉

versatile blogger award beat around the blush

Hope you know me a little better now! 🙂

Here are my nominees:

Thoughtful Pigeon
Ccosmetic Chaos
Simply Carina XO
Beauty. Looks. Fun
Amy Adores Makeup
-and you!!

-xox- Marika





4 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award | Thank you!

  1. Thanks for the nomination! On the thought that the blogging community is less supportive, I’m not so much sure it’s that or the New Years resolution bloggers who start one and are all over it for the first month or so realize it’s very time consuming and start to back away. I always find an influx of supportive comments and new readers in January to mid Feb.

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