Hello March!

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Hello March!

After a very cold winter here in Montreal, I am so ready to welcome you with open arms, dear March, the month that will have us say HELLO SPRING!! 🙂

February may be the shortest month of the year, but last month was packed! Here is my monthly update.

Last month, I:

  • had a yummy southern style meal with my friends to celebrate a birthday. We went to Dinette Triple Crown, and it was excellent: comfort food that feels like it was made with love by your southern mama in your own kitchen. The mac n cheese is to die for!
  • met for the first time in my life someone with the same name as me!
    It took 24, almost 25 years for me to meet someone else named Marika, and believe me, my reaction was HUGE! This may sound crazy, but those with rare names will understand 😉
  • participated in my first Escape the Room game, and yes, our team managed to escape! It was a little stressful but very fun.
  • got a beautiful compliment at work that really made my day!
    I exchanged a few phone calls with a representative about a possible contract with them, and the agent told me I was his favourite client to talk to! How sweet is that? I was so nervous prior to discussing the contract, but I did well 😉
  • didn’t buy any makeup at all, for the second consecutive month!
    In fact, all I bought (apart from food) was a book and a gift for my brother-in-law. Not bad!!

This month, I:

  • will finally get a haircut, after almost 1 year of not going to the hair salon!
    This may sound ridiculous, but I don’t take enough time for myself; to get my hair cut, get my nails done, go for a massage, or even just shopping for myself… I have to admit that I also never know how to cut my hair so that makes me delay hair appointments for sure!!
  • am finally planning a trip to go somewhere warm with my friend in early April!!
    I am SO excited about this, not only because I desperately need a vacation, but also because I have never been “in the south” aka a place where you can wear shorts or a bikini all day long. We are thinking Jamaica, Mexico, or maybe Martinique. We’ll see!
  • will be working my ass off at work so I may not post as often as I usually do. 😦
    But hey: extra work hours = extra money = extra trips/makeup/books/food!

Do you have any big plans for March?

-xox- Marika



7 thoughts on “Hello March!

  1. That’s soo cool! I met an old lady at work many years back who’s name was the same as mine, except she only spelled hers with one ‘s’. But you’re right the feeling is AMAZING! My name is pretty rare, hardly anyone my age has it thought haha.
    I’m also going on a vacation at the end of the month, it’s short, only the weekend but we really need it LOL. Can’t wait to see what spot you guys pick! 🙂 Hope you have fun either way! 🙂
    And a haircut is a nice and easy way to pamper yourself 🙂 But I never know how I want to cut mine either, I really have to look through many Pins to finally make a decision LOL

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    1. Ohhh I’m so happy you can relate to the feeling of meeting someone with the same name for the first time!!
      Where are you going on vacation? Weekend trips are the best!! I am still undecided about our destination but I’m sure either options are amazing! 😀
      A haircut is always so fun, I really need to do it more often but I never take the time!! 😦 I saw you did a hair transformation over the weekend: I have to go check out your post!!!
      Thanks for stopping by my dear! ❤

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      1. It’s amazing! You get to share that bond with a complete stranger for only having the same name! 😀
        And we’re going to Seattle for the weekend, it’s not that far from us but we can make the trip in like 2 hours lol. We’re starting out small and hopefully we can go on bigger and better vacations in the future 😀
        Well if it helps, I hear the beaches in Mexico are nice and warm haha
        Yes I did, it’s a drastic change for me, but nothing new as I do it every few years haha. No problem girl! ❤ xx

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      2. Ohh Seattle sounds like a lovely destination for a weekend getaway!! I’d love to visit someday. Hope you will write a post about it 😉
        Yes, I heard Mexico is beautiful and the food is great too 😉 Maybe we’ll go there!! Thanks for the tip! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah I’m working on our itinerary lol. And I will for sure. I’ll make sure to take many photos of our trip.
        I can vouch for the food, my parents are mexican so I grew up eating delicious meals lmao

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