Happy International Women’s Day | An Open Letter to all Women

womens rights international day beat around the blush

I am very lucky to have grown up surrounded by strong, inspiring women who have made me a strong woman too. They are the best role models. Now that I’m all grown up, it is my turn to inspire other women and girls in the best way I can: by leading by example but also by pushing them to do the things the world tells them they can’t do, simply because they are female.

international womens day feminism beat around the blush

Sometimes, it feels like the weight of the world is just too much for my fragile shoulders and my back bends and breaks a little. But then, I remember that I am not alone in this, and it gives me the courage to stand tall and proud. The catcalling, the slut-shaming, the silencing, the objectification, the constant reminder that I am “body” before “mind” or “soul”. Being judged, being doubted, being interrupted.

You know the feeling. It is exhausting and we all want it to stop. This is how it feels to be a woman in 2018. Of course, there are good sides to being a woman, but can we have basic human rights, please?

international womens day 2018 beat around the blush

It is quite sad that we still need to have this day dedicated to women in order to remind us how far we are from equality. We are in 2018 and yet, women need to fight every day. Fight for equal pay. Fight for reproductive rights. Fight for our right to exist.

I wanted to write a powerful text in honour of all the strong women out there, fighting day after day. I wanted to highlight the inequalities women are still facing in every sphere of our lives. I wanted to thank all the women who have helped this world become a better place for us, even though we still have a long way to go. But I am afraid that my words will never be enough. But if together, we start a conversation and keep it going, we can achieve miracles.

international womens day beat around the blush feminism
Image from: http://theeverygirl.com/why-im-not-ashamed-to-watch-the-bachelor/


My favourite kind of people in this world? Strong, badass women who rely on themselves and do whatever they want, because, well, they can. I aim to be that kind of woman and I hope to inspire and empower other women. That is my mission in life.

And when I feel powerless and useless, I remind myself of this:

international women's day who run the world beat around the blush

Have a fantastic International Women’s Day and keep fighting ladies!

-xox- Marika



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