Hello April! | Monthly Recap and Preview

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Hello April!

It is so nice to see you, to feel the sun shining on my face, to see the snow melting away, and the clothes slowly but surely becoming lighter and shorter!

While you are reading this, I am on a beach in Mexico, enjoying a short holiday and a break from social media and anything web. A girl needs to disconnect once in a while, and this vacation is well-needed and well-deserved 🙂

Last month, I:

  • worked and hustled a lot! That is the main highlight of my month, sadly 😦
  • had a delicious supper at Kozu: everything was delicious (we had tuna + salmon tataki, duck spring rolls, crab bao, etc), but it was a little pricey. The decor is also very nice! Perfect for a fancy night out 🙂
  • cut my hair short again! Now it’s the shortest I’ve had in 10 years and I love it!! Here is a picture of my transformation 🙂
  • had my first ever therapeutic massage and it felt so good!! It helped a lot with my back and neck pain, and I may become addicted to massages :O
  • met a fantastic woman who will give me a hand with my SEO to boost my ranking and increase those stats!! I’ve been wanting to improve my SEO for a while but didn’t know where to start :O I am so happy I have a trustworthy person to help me with that 🙂

This month, I: 

  • will welcome April while in Mexico, which is fantastic!! This is my first time in a warm destination and I feel very lucky to have one week to relax and stay away from stress and responsibilities!
  • really need to start planning my birthday! This may sound ridiculous because my birthday is only in May, but still, planning is fun! And this year, I am turning 25 and I really want my birthday to be special. Maybe I’ll go to New York for a weekend? I haven’t decided yet 🙂
  • want to become Google certified (Adwords and SEO) in order to help my blog’s ranking, but also to do some freelance contracts.
  • would like to go to a sugar shack, which is a traditional québécois tradition. I don’t go every year, but my friend told me about this place and it looks fantastic!

I think that’s about it for my planning of April! Hopefully, some exciting events will come up unannounced as well 😉

What have you been up to lately?

-xox- Marika



12 thoughts on “Hello April! | Monthly Recap and Preview

    1. The therapeutic massage was quite different from the ones I got in the past: instead of focusing on relaxation, it focuses on where you have pain or injuries, so it is more intense and sometimes can be a little painful lol! It did help with my neck and back pain, and I have never felt so relaxed after a massage!! I was exhausted! But I think I will stick with regular massages in the future 😉 You totally should treat yourself to a nice massage, it feels so good!! -xox-

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