Hello May! | Monthly Recap and Preview

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I know, everyone seems to be super excited about May, but in all honesty, I am THE MOST excited about this month, I swear!! Normally, I am always excited because it is my birthday month, but this year, another big event is going to happen and I cannot wait!

Remember my new year’s resolution post? I wrote this exact sentence:

“This year will also be extra special for me because I will have hit a few major milestones in my life: I will turn 25 (a quarter century!!), I will move out on my own, I will adopt a cat (or cats!!), and who knows what else?!”

Well, it seems all of the milestones are happening this month, even the “what else”!!!

It has been really hard not to spill the beans on social media because I wanted to announce it here first and give a few details, so read below for the HUGE exciting news! ❤

Last month, I: 

  • had a wonderful trip to Mexico then came back and was sick as hell for a solid 2 weeks. But I was very happy to see that my blog post about my trip was reposted on a Mexican travel website! That’s pretty rewarding when another website shares your content!
  • was selected by Feedspot in their Top 40 Montreal Lifestyle bloggers to follow!!! Look who’s at #25 hehe! I was so excited when I got the notification on Facebook, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! This is so generous and kind of them! And I now have a badge on my home page yay!
  • didn’t spend as much time as I usually do on the blog, because I was sick and busy with work, mostly… But the month of May will be very exciting I promise!

This month, I: 

  • will celebrate my birthday, and I am hoping to celebrate in a memorable way! I have thought about a few options, but nothing is decided yet. I just feel like a quarter century should be celebrated in a grand way, no? Or maybe my expectations are too high…
  • am going to MOVE TO QUÉBEC CITY for work!! That’s it, that’s the big news I managed to keep secret for a few days hehe! So yes, I got a job there and will be starting at the end of the month, so in the meantime, I need to pack and move my stuff before I  can settle in my new apartment, in my new city! I have TONS of things to do in the next few weeks but I am so excited about the idea of living in beautiful Québec City. The best part? My job sounds amazing and I will be working with my dear friend!! ❤
  • am going to post my first ever fashion post!! I am not sure how I feel about taking pictures of my OOTDs for the blog simply because I do not consider myself a fashionista, but sometimes I make an effort and take pictures 😉 We’ll see how it goes!

Phew, I’ve got quite a busy month ahead! But I’m sure it will be a good one. What are your plans for May?

-xox- Marika



8 thoughts on “Hello May! | Monthly Recap and Preview

  1. Good luck for everything that is coming up this month! It’s all so exciting 🙂 I also turned 25 this year and still can’t believe it haha. Looking forward to seeing those OOTD’s xxx


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