Earthnotes Skincare Body Scrub Review | Dry Skin’s New BFF

Now that winter is finally over here in Canada, it is time to give our skin a little extra TLC. I know, I always say that winter is the official season of self-care, but transitions between seasons are pretty rough for our skin too.

Also, since I came back from my trip to Mexico, my skin has been feeling extra dry and no amount of lotion or body cream could help 😦 For that reason, I was so glad when Earthnotes Skincare sent me one of their hydrating body scrubs in exchange for my honest review!

earthnotes skincare scrub basil blood oranges dry skin montreal women naturalearthnotes skincare scrub basil blood oranges dry skin montreal women natural

I must admit, the first thing that seduced me about Earthnotes skincare is the unique scents of their products: blood orange basil, coffee coconut (imagine using that in your morning shower!), spruce cinnamon, and grapefruit peppermint. I mean, yum, right?

I am weak for anything with fresh, herbal scents (like mint or basil), so their unique combinations of herbal and sweet scents intrigued me. You rarely see unique scents like these on the market, so kudos for that Earthnotes Skincare!

earthnotes skincare scrub basil blood oranges dry skin montreal women natural

I went for the blood orange basil body scrub but I seriously had a hard time picking just one scent: they all sound amazing!

The 9 oz jar of scrub retails for 29,99$ and comes in a very secure packaging, with bubble wrap. The jar is super cute and sturdy (I will reuse it once I finish the scrub), and comes with a little wooden spoon to keep everything hygienic and avoid making a mess while scooping out the scrub.

earthnotes skincare scrub basil blood oranges dry skin montreal women natural wood spoon

The website states: Blood Orange Basil Body Scrub is a highly moisturizing and gentle exfoliating blend of natural oils, with the refreshing scents of blood orange and basil. The luxurious formula leaves skin softer, smoother, and more nourished.

sans titre-5

Just like a fine wine, the scrub reveals different aromas over time: in the bottle, the scent is definitely herbal, and when applied on the skin, it smells like freshly-cut basil and makes me long for hot summer days spent in the garden. Once it is rinsed, the sweet aroma of blood oranges is revealed. I LOVE the combination of fresh, then sweet: it is so unique, pleasant and totally gourmand! :O

sans titre-6

The scrub is very gentle on the skin and melts rapidly to make way for the hydrating oils. It is the perfect combination of scrub and body oil, all in one product.

earthnotes skincare scrub body dry skin basil blood oranges natural montrealsans titre-10

After using the scrub once, my skin felt SO smooth and was the most hydrated it’s been for months!! Skin remains soft and hydrated for at least 24h afterward, and I did not need to apply lotion after my bath. My dry skin is so thankful for this product!! 🙂

sans titre-9

When you purchase products from Earthnotes Skincare, you encourage a small Montreal-based business, you encourage women entrepreneurs who have a passion for skincare and your well-being, and most importantly, you treat your skin to high-quality products that work. I highly recommend the scrub, and will most certainly be repurchasing it, for me or for a friend!

sans titre-7

Why not gift a scrub or even a gift set to your mom for Mother’s Day? I’m sure she will greatly appreciate it! My only advice: make sure you buy one for yourself too 😉

-xox- Marika

*this post is sponsored by Earthnotes Skincare. Thank you for sending me this fabulous product!!



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