25 truths I’ve learned by age 25 | Sharing a Little Wisdom with you

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Last week, I turned 25. For some, it may be just a number, another year older, nothing too special. But for me, 25 feels a little different from all previous birthdays.

It’s halfway through the twenties, and only 5 years before the thirties aka the real deal.

At 25, you are young enough to still be somewhat careless, yet it’s time to start getting your shit together (maybe). For me, 25 will be a year of big changes, of accomplishing more dreams, and of living life to the fullest!

In no way am I the wisest or the most experienced human, but I have learned quite a few things in the past 25 years. Let me share some of these truths with you! ❤

  1. Take time building a solid support network, you will need it. Whether it’s for advice, when times are rough, or when it’s time to celebrate your accomplishments, you will need a solid support network of friends and family members.
  2. Friends will come and go. And that’s ok. As we get older, our tastes and interests change, and it’s normal to want to hang out with different people. Make sure you choose friends who support you and help you become a better person (and do the same for them).
  3. Invest your time only where it’s worth it. How often do we say “I can’t, I’m too busy”? As adults, our time is precious, so make sure to invest it when it counts: maintaining friendships, perfecting a skill, etc.
  4. Save up, do a budget plan and track your spendings. Just like your time, money is precious too, and I bet you work hard for those dollars. So make sure you save up for future projects and cut unnecessary spendings.
  5. Be there when it counts, you won’t regret it. As busy as we are in our twenties, taking time to celebrate with friends and family is essential. But most importantly, try to be there when someone is in need too. It can be difficult emotionally, but you get to build a stronger bond with that person.
  6. Leading by example is underrated – do it. This one speaks for itself, but it’s often forgotten how important it is. In all spheres of your life, lead by example and show people the right thing to do. It’s worth it.
  7. Buying less but better quality is a smarter lifestyle. Because money is precious, but so are memories and precious moments. Try investing in a pricier piece of clothing that is of better quality, or enjoy a fancier meal once in a while. It won’t be more expensive if you also follow truth #4.
  8. Take time to make memories and take pictures of them. I love looking at pictures from past events in life, whether it’s a graduation, a birthday party or just a good meal shared in great company! It always puts a smile on my face when I’m feeling down and I’m sure I’ll be happy to have those pictures when I’m older!          
  9. Be hungry in life, and stay hungry a little. No, I’m not talking about food here, but rather anything else: a good salary and conditions at work, small personal successes (like running a blog hehe!), etc. Keep growing and keep asking/working for more. You deserve it all!
  10. Be spontaneous and a little wild: life is short. If there is one thing you always wanted to do but never did, now is the time!! Dye your hair a fun colour, get a tattoo, go on a road trip with your BFF, do a boudoir photoshoot, … GO!
  11. Never stop chasing your dreams. It sounds cheesy, but I believe this is part of the secret of being happy in life. No matter how hard or impossible your dreams may seem, never stop chasing them and always work toward achieving them.
  12. Stop worrying so much about everything. In our twenties, we wonder about a ton of things that often do with identity search. It’s ok to be eager to know the answer, but the truth is, you will figure it out in time without even having to worry about it!
  13. Listen to your inner voice, it is often right. If you have a weird feeling about a person or a job you are interviewing for, listen to your inner voice! She has never disappointed me so far, and when I didn’t listen to her, I ended up regretting it…
  14. Everything does happen for a reason (most of the time). When you think you are going through a bad karma phase, just remember that maybe (and by that I mean “most probably”), there is something amazing waiting for you. You got fired from your job? Another better one is waiting for you. Lost a friend? Time to reunite with an old BFF you’ve been neglecting!
  15. It’s ok and healthy to be a little selfish sometimes. Putting yourself first once in a while is something I still have to work on, but it has been so rewarding for my mental health so far. I highly recommend that you try it too!
  16. Take time for yourself, and disconnect. Spending some quality me time is very important, especially in our twenties, with all the stress and anxiety that life causes (think university life, career decisions, identity search, pressure, etc). Being off-line or technology-free once in a while is very healthy and relaxing too.
  17. You are stronger than you think. Life will throw rocks at you sometimes and you will face your dose of adversity. Not only will you survive it all, but you will also discover an inner strength you didn’t know was there.
  18. Don’t underestimate yourself so much. It’s so easy to think that we are not qualified enough, or not pretty enough, or not smart enough… But remember that we all have our insecurities! My advice to you: go ahead and do it, then you’ll realize you are able to do whatever you want. Screw impostor syndrome!
  19. Surround yourself with positivity only. Life is hard enough the way it is, so your relationships should be easy, rewarding and positive! Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and bring out the best in you. Ain’t nobody got time for negative people who will try to bring you down!!
  20. Always have projects to work on. Keeping busy is my secret to avoid boredom. And also to live life to the fullest and have small successes to celebrate, always! #busygirlhappygirl
  21. All that hustle will pay off, sooner or later. Keep working on your dreams, your business, your hobby, your blog. It will all pay off in the future, though you may not always notice it right away. It may not be in a monetary form, but it will help you in some way. So keep hustling girl!

  22. Only you can judge yourself. Others are quick to judge you for everything but don’t listen to that, unless it’s constructive critique (it often isn’t). If you know what you’re doing and why, then be your own judge. And that applies to everything in your life.
  23. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and guidance. You probably won’t be able to do it all on yourself, because success stories involve a lot of people. Others have been through the same path as you, so don’t be afraid to ask them for advice and even guidance when you feel lost or confused.
  24. Have mentors and work on becoming one in return. It is essential to have someone who can help and guide you when you need it. And just like others have helped you, make sure you help younger ones in return too. It is so rewarding!
  25. Try to become your #1 fan. Having a great support network is incredible, but you have to work on becoming your #1 fan: believe in yourself and what you do! Go you!!

Can you relate to some of these truths?

-xox- Marika



7 thoughts on “25 truths I’ve learned by age 25 | Sharing a Little Wisdom with you

  1. I totally get what you mean about 25 feeling different – I felt the same way when I turned 25. You’re like “OMG I’m officially in my mid-twenties now!”

    100% agree with all of these life lessons. You chose some really wonderful points!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I am 24 years old but am definitely starting to feel different. Since I turned 24 I knew things needed to change and I have a huge feeling that next year is going to be a eye opener and a lot of “adult” decisions being made! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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