Hello June! | Monthly Recap and Preview

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How is it possible that it’s already June?! It feels like only yesterday there was snow up to my knees and I was dreaming about wearing summer dresses and sandals… Time sure does fly in 2018!

SO many things are happening lately, I can barely keep track myself! But here it is in brief: new job, new city, new lifestyle, new me (ok maybe not that last one). I know, I keep talking about it all over social media and the blog, but these are big changes and the only way for me to realize that this is happening for real is to talk about it.

The only sad thing about my life at the moment is that I still don’t have Wi-Fi at my apartment… What does one do when there is no Wi-Fi??? I feel completely disoriented when I can’t regularly check the blog 😦 Hopefully, I will survive!

Here is my monthly update:


Last month, I:

  • Moved to a new city and started a new job! I was busy moving my stuff from Montreal to Quebec City, and then building my Ikea furniture, and getting installed in my new apartment, phew! It was a busy month! I am only barely getting used to my new lifestyle and routine, but so far, I am LOVING everything about it! I think I will write a post about this big life change in a few months from now 😉
  • Wrote my first fashion post, which did pretty well, especially on Instagram! I am flattered! :O
  • Attended my very first beauty event with Skinvestment, where I got to discover and learn about Korean and Taiwanese skincare. I have so many great products to review, so get ready for a K-beauty takeover on the blog 😉
  • Had my birthday! Even though I didn’t celebrate as much as I originally wanted to (I blame it on moving around the same date), I had a lot of fun and hopefully gained a little wisdom!


This month, I:

  • Think I will take it easy a little. For real! After moving and adjusting to my new lifestyle, I need to breathe a little and explore my new city! Also, the weather is becoming warmer so I will enjoy being outdoors for sure.
  • Most probably will make a big announcement concerning the blog (iiiiiii!!!) but I can’t say anything for now because it isn’t set in stone as of now 😉
  • Am hoping to adopt a little furry friend! I have been looking at so many cats up for adoption lately… Now I just need to make it happen and purchase what my little purring ball of fur will need to live happily with me!
  • Want to up my Instagram game! I’ve been having a hard time with maintaining a visual consistency lately, because I am trying different things with my photography, and it has impacted my increase in followers… It’s not the end of the world, but I like to see when people appreciate what I create.
  • Want to try new recipes for the summer! If you have any suggestions, please send them my way 😉


Do you have any exciting plans for June?

-xox- Marika



15 thoughts on “Hello June! | Monthly Recap and Preview

  1. [ Smiles ] My goodness, I can barely believe that we are already in the month of June (Time has certainly flown).

    By the way, whenever you finally adopt that furry friend, please do a blog post about him or her.

    Also, I wish you all the best with your blog!

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      1. I’m working for a start-up. They’re really successful, and I’m proud to be part of that success. I’m also happy that they’ve implemented several ideas of mine. However, I also work 6 days a week now – and I really hate that. But I hope things will be less chaotic soon! Fingers crossed! 🙂

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      2. Oh wow, that is so cool!! Working for a start-up is a lot of work, especially if there are few employees, but it’s a lot of fun and is so rewarding! I hope you are having a blast 🙂 and hopefully your schedule becomes less crazy rapidly! ❤

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  2. So exciting! I cannot wait to hear the news regarding your blog and how cool that you might be adopting a little furry friend! I need one in my life so badly!
    And I hope I didn’t miss your birthday, or maybe you never mentioned it but happy belated birthday!!!!!
    And one more thing…..oh yeah, the instagram name. I’ve been thinking about mine too. I think I might want to drop the word blog from it lol. I’m not too sure.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We want a dog but our property owner has restrictions, for example, we can’t have dogs over 20lbs, which sucks because we WANT a bigger dog, lol. And we also can’t have pitbulls so that really sucks too.
        But that’s exciting, I hear cats get along really well with their owners 🙂

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