New Name Who Dis?

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Hi loves, it’s me Marika, and I wish to welcome you to my new blog, BEAT AROUND THE BLUSH!!! *pops champagne and confettis*

The name is punny isn’t it? Hehe! It fits perfectly with my personality (I’m a sucker for puns!) but also with what this blog is and will be about: makeup and skin care, as it was previously the case on Melrikablog (the blog’s old name), but with more discussions surrounding makeup “dilemmas” (more on that later!). I will also cover other topics, such as tips for maintaining a good mental health, great food spots in Montreal, maybe a few must-try recipes, and a lot of varied content but still mostly focused on beauty. But really, I won’t be beating around the bush 😉


From now on, everything you will see on this blog and on social media will be 100% created by me, with the help of my wonderful friends aka (moral) support team. Friends who empower each other stick together! ❤ 

I hope that reading my blog will become a fun, relaxing part of your routine. I am so happy to take you on this adventure with me!

-xox- Marika



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