My Project Pan 2018 | Part 1: Skincare I want to use up this year

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As part of my effort to declutter my home, I wanted to share with you my Project Pan 2018 – which will be in two parts due to the extremely large amount of products I wish to use up. Also, this is a long post so you might want to grab a snack and a drink! 😀

To be honest, I had never heard of the “Project Pan” thing until about two weeks ago when I read a few blog posts about it. I was intrigued by the name and I must say I automatically fell in love with the concept!

If you are also new to this concept, let me explain: the Project Pan is a decluttering strategy in which you determine which cosmetics items you wish to use up this year. Everyone has a different technique, whether it’s finishing one product at a time, or trying to become better at rotating items in order to finish them faster.

My own strategy? Attacking my really old stuff first!! I will also try to forbid myself from using newer products until I have finished the older ones. 😦 Decluttering and finishing old products is a much-needed thing for me to do this year, after all my crazy hauls from last year… In 2018, hoarders gonna declutter!! 

Below is what I hope to finish this year in my skincare and bath and body collection. 


project pan 2018 skincare beat around the blush caudalie vinosource serum sorbet mary kay eye cream sephora roll-on depuffing gel ROC perfecting toner origins ginzing moisturizer spray energy

  1. Sephora “Instant depuffing roll-on gel”, 15mL. State: more or less 2/3 empty. I am not in love with this product (it’s sticky!) and it is OLD. Can’t wait to get rid of it.
  2. Mary Kay “Timewise age-fighting eye cream”, 18g. State: 75% empty. I find this tube too big for an eye cream: I’ve had it for years and it’s still not empty!
  3. Origins “GinZing energy-boosting treatment lotion mist”, 30mL. State: 10% empty. I love the smell of this line by Origins, but I prefer to use a moisturizer rather than a mist.
  4. Origins “GinZing energy-boosting moisturizer”, 30mL. State: 60% empty. This is a great lightweight moisturizer, but mine is getting old…
  5. Caudalie “Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum”, 30mL. State: 2/3 empty. I love this product as it really helps with the redness on my cheeks. However, I’ve had this serum for too long and I chipped the glass of the bottle when I dropped it on the floor…
  6. Caudalie “Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet”, 40mL. State: 10% empty. One of my favourite moisturizers to wear in the summer: it is so lightweight! But, I’ve had this tube for too long and it is starting to smell different… Need to finish this asap!
  7. ROC “Perfecting Toner”, 200mL. State: 10% empty. I can’t remember when I got this bottle… which is a bad sign! I never really use toner, but I need to finish this one up!

Bath and body


  1. Arbonne “Pure Mint deodorant”, 48g. State: about 1/3 empty. This smells divine but I need a deodorant that’s a bit stronger. #teamsweat
  2. Philosophy “Peppermint stick hand cream”, 30mL. State: 50% empty. The holiday season is over, and I am stuck with this cream, for the 2nd year… Because a peppermint hand cream is no fun in July, please, I need to finish this!
  3. Crabtree & Evelyn “Rosewater hand therapy”, 25g. State: 1/3 empty. This is so old, the brand redesigned the tube since I bought it! Still smells lovely though, but a bit too strong for my own taste.
  4. Kariderm “Hand cream”, 120mL. State: 50% empty. Not the most hydrating hand cream for the wintertime and it is starting to smell a bit weird.
  5. Arbonne “Daily self-adjusting shampoo with tea tree oil”, 532mL. State: 75% empty. This smells so good, but is a little bit too drying for my hair type.
  6. Arbonne “FC5 nourishing daily conditioner”, 207 mL. State: 50% empty. There’s no specific reason for finishing this one, I just have another conditioner waiting for me and I need space!
  7. The Body Shop “deep sleep essential oil”, 10mL. State: 60% empty. I love to add a few drops to warm water for a relaxing bath, but this oil is getting old.
  8. The Face Shop “Rice Water Bright light cleansing oil”, 150mL. State: 20% empty. I love this product but it’s expiring soon!!
  9. Mary Kay “Botanical effects mask”, 113g. State: brand new. This is very old, I think I bought it 2 years ago and still haven’t opened it. Masks are so easy to stack up! 😦
  10. Fruits & Passion “Honey pack mask”, 100mL. State: 50% empty. This expires soon! Need to finish it up! I love the texture of this mask though.
  11. Fruits & Passion “Clay pack mask”, 100mL. State: 20% empty. This also expires soon. Guess somebody is going to have a daily mask party! 😉
  12. Yves Rocher “3 min cranberry cooling effect mask”, 50mL. State: 20% empty. I’ve had this one for a long time, but it’s not expired! Will keep it for the summer, if the weather ever gets warm here!
  13. Origins “Clear improvement mask”, 30mL. State: 1/3 empty. I love this mask, but I have another mini size to use after this one.

With so many products in my Project Pan 2018, I feel like a superhero on a mission!!

Project Pan 2018 beat around the blush

Next post will be the second part of my Pan Project 2018, targetting my makeup and fragrance stash I wish to finish up this year! Stay tuned! ❤

-xox- Marika



10 thoughts on “My Project Pan 2018 | Part 1: Skincare I want to use up this year

  1. That Mary Kay eye cream does look massive! Usually they’re just 15ml…
    I always find with skincare, once opened, is a race against time to use up before they expire!
    Good luck with “panning” all of these – you can do it! I just did a massive makeup declutter and it felt really good to clear out stuff that I’ve hung onto for years.

    Liked by 1 person

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